About this site

This is my personal blog. For about two years I maintained my own site written in PHP, jQuery, and Javascript and MySQL for a backend. I finally decided to cut it over to a real platform, get a domain and commit to a better user experience while I focus on building platforms.

A good blog should be both easy on the eyes, and easy to produce content for– which is exactly what this is. Using the Ghost.org platform I am able to write beautiful pages and additionally code when I need to.

Employment History

  • From 2015-2018 I worked as a System Administrator, PHP + Python developer at Certified Retail Solutions where we serviced clients such as Gap, Yankee Candle, Alex and Ani, etc. The company doubled in size and we were short handed in IT, had a front facing Customer portal we custom coded to integrate with the ERP, and had a very slim budget making for a creative fun fast paced environment
  • 2018 I worked at Concanon LLC at a Splunk Premier Consultant specializing in ITSI
  • Sept 2018 - Nov 2021 I worked as a Network Engineer, Devops Engineer and Developer for Verizon. I resided as one of ten major admins over the Cable TV team for a year with automation for the launch of FIOS-you-pick-5, the network team for FIOS Internet Fiber and 5G for a year, and one year developing apps and network automation for network engineers using and developing for eNMS.io for true resuable automation for among network engineers

What are you doing now?

November 2021

I work on my personal intellectual properties - Coldsky(social moderation tool), LFG (Social), Openmobo (privacy platform), and Halvel (MMO game). For a time I'd like to step away from the commercial world and put an app on the store in my own name that showcases what I can do. I've talked about bringing an app to market for awhile in my personal circles and it has been hard doing that while employed full time at Verizon. I am getting older and feel as though I'd like to be focused on family and have my career on lock by age 30, so the clock is ticking.

There are so many people that are well aware of my desire to build an app that I feel it would be a let down to never deliver. I have done work, research & development for about three years on Openmobo, but I feel as though it wasn't a product that matched the vision of what I wanted to ship. True hardened security and privacy has to be easy. So for now, I am putting out apps that can generate revenue to by myself more time to work on the projects I am passionate about.

Openmobo managed to have an entire multi platform app and webstack, with an installable apps framework. I'm proud of the work done there but it needs so much more work to cross the finish line.

How did you start in IT?

I got a job as a system administrator apprentice back in 2015 after graduating highschool and went right into the industry. After the system administrator left six months in, I quickly had to learn. There is a lot to be said about being passionate for what we do. Programming, technology, security are all an art as much as they are work. I've spent everyday since 2015 visiting book stores, watching and researching or reading documentation about technology, but mostly now just reading and writing code.

My theology is that the nature of technology is that you have to be at the source where the products are developed in order to make a difference in the industry. Most of technology is about consuming someone else's product and leveraging it correctly, likely providing services to a user with it. Having that drive to spend time educating yourself I think is more motivating than going to college, though I have respect for my colleagues who attended. I take an immense amount of pride for now that I did not receive a college education however I think for intense programming, there is a wall where you must either study mathematic disciplines or go to college to receive that education. Examples would be the cloud or any data/optimization required applications.